XLink Kai v7.4.40 Released

XLink Kai v7.4.40

The XLink Kai Team has just put online a new version of XLink Kai, for those who do not know Xlink Kai, it is a program that allows you to replace the native online game mode of certain titles in order to offer Support for LAN multiplayer modes.
So far the software has been compatible with the PS2, PS3, PS4, Gamecube, Switch, Xbox, Xbox 360, Vita and Xbox One. The history of this program began at the time of the Gamecube, the PS2 and the Xbox, in short, it's been a while since it was in 2003! 

For the technical side, the service is based on a multi-platform and peer-to-peer LAN system, and an ad hoc online system on the supported consoles.
The big novelty of this version 7.4.40 is the arrival of new generation consoles, in fact, this version brings support for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.
But that's not all since other optimizations have been made such as a NAT tester, Discord integration and functionalities or even firewall fixes. 

Changelog 7.4.40:
- Removal of wrong "NDIS" adapters from the list of adapters under Windows
- Added support for Xbox Series X and Series S
- Added support for Playstation 5
- Make the Discord DLL optional on Windows
- Added support for Discord for Linux x86_64
- Improved the rich presence of Discord
- Added support for PSP multicast traffic
- Added several new commands to the DDS protocol
- Windows 2000 support removed, Windows XP is now minimum supported.
- Added "friendly names" for Windows network interfaces in configuration and metrics
- Added automatic workaround for users in CGNAT firewall configurations
- Added NAT mode tester that runs automatically 20 seconds after connection. The results are displayed in metrics. Can also be triggered with `/ engine testnat`.
- Windows exes are now signed (self-signed)
Download: XLink Kai v7.4.40

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