DeepSea 2.2.3 Released

DeepSea 2.2.3

Team-Neptune, has already updated DeepSea, so that the pack supports the latest version of Atmosphere, 0.19.2.
On the program, in addition to some corrections since some bugs have been corrected, as a reminder DeepSea is an AIO Pack grouping together all in one for ease of accessibility for Atmosphere users. 

Changelog 2.2.3 :

    Updated Atmosph√®re 0.19.2
        A bug was fixed that caused a black screen when attempting to boot firmware versions 2.0.0-4.1.0.
        A bug was fixed that caused sm to abort when at the session limit, rather than returning error codes.
        A bug was fixed that allowed for resource exhaustion on 12.0.0, under certain circumstances.
    Updated DeepSea Assets to 1.0.1
        Added support for 12.0.0
    Updated aio-switch-updater to v2.4.8
        Fixed crashes when trying to focus empty lists (typically when in airplane mode).

Download: DeepSea 2.2.3

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