Despertar del Cementerio 9.00 Released

Despertar del Cementerio 9.00

Balázs Triszka (balika011) just released a new version of Despertar del Cementerio, or DDC, the tool initially developed to downgrade and unlock different models of PSP Fat and PSP Slim & Lite a few days ago.
Originally this project is the continuation of the work of Team M33, and of the code of Despertar del Cementerio 7, 3.90 M33 published by Mathieulh and the fruit of a lot of reverse engineering work of the DC8 and 5.00 M33. psptools is used to encrypt and sign modules, a modified version of Infinity psptools.
DDC version 9.00 is the first under the development of balika011, this version supports all PSP-100x, PSP-200x and the first generation (03g) of PSP-300x.

To use it, you must extract the TM folder from the zip to the root of your USB key, then inject the msipl.bin on your USB key using for example:
- msipl_installer by draanPSP
- PSP Tool 1.00 by raing3
Note that to perform the operation from the Memory Stick, you must start the PSP in service mode, for this you must:
- Use "Pandora battery" on PSP-100x and PSP-200x
- Use BaryonSTM on PSP-100x, PSP-200x and 03g PSP-300x
- Use Baryon Sweeper on PSP-100x, PSP-200x and 03g PSP-300x

Also note that balika011 has just donated a 04g PSP (the photo above) for the development of a future version.
Download: Despertar del Cementerio 9.00

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