Hekate CTCaer Mod 5.5.6 and Nyx v1.0.3 Released

Hekate CTCaer Mod 5.5.6 and Nyx v1.0.3

CTCaer offers you the new versions of Nyx and hekate: version 5.5.6 of hekate - CTCaer mod and version 1.0.3 of Nyx. Many new features and fixes are on the menu for these updates, including compatibility with the latest 12.0.2 firmware!

Changelog Hekate CTCaer Mod 5.5.6 :

    HOS 12.0.2 Support
    Auto NoGC is now applied if you have 12.0.2 and 14 fuses
    That's because 12.0.2 burnt a fuse and brought the total to 15 fuses.
    If user is still in 12.0.0-12.0.1 you will still need kip1patch=nogc.
    If updated to 12.0.2, that line can now be removed if wanted.
    And as always if auto nogc is not wanted, you can disable it in the Options Tab.
    Fixed Seamless display for L4T Linux/Android
    There was an issue where hekate would clear the bootlogo when launching L4T.
    That is now fixed and the bootlogo will remain until kernel finishes init.
    Fixed an issue when a kip patch was defined 2 times it would throw an error.

Changelog Nyx v1.0.3 :

    Allow backing up resized emuMMC
    Allow restoring small eMMC backup into a larger eMMC module with split file backup
    Support for that was added before but there was a leftover check for split file backups.
    That's now fixed and works the same way as single file backup.
    BPMP clocking is now revamped
    There are 4-5 reports where the users' Erista SoC binning can't handle the overclocking.
    The issue manifests either by Nyx hanging on boot or eMMC backup verification failing.
    New Nyx will now try to automatically set the best clock for these units.
    First inject might hang but any consecutive one will succeed because Nyx will fallback because of the first failure.
    To accommodate that, newpowersave (original way to mitigate that) in nyx.ini was replaced with bpmpclock.
    If Nyx fails to set the correct clock in such cases, then user can force that by setting bpmpclock=2 to lower the clock.
    Always align SD card total sectors when partitioning to ensure all partitions get the same alignment.
    Add info about a new InnoLux panel.
    The info is incomplete, so anyone that repairs Switches and can see the display panel model from the back of it and pair it with the reported id in Nyx, is welcomed to help.
    UMS will now inform user if ejected unsafely (while medium removal prevention was enabled).

Download: Hekate CTCaer Mod 5.5.6 and Nyx v1.0.3

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