Lockpick RCM v1.9.2 Released

Lockpick RCM v1.9.2

shchmue is also updating it and offers Lockpick RCM v1.9.2.
Lockpick_RCM is a Nintendo Switch payload which will be responsible for deriving the encryption keys to be able to use Switch file manipulation software such as hactool, hactoolnet / LibHac, ChoiDujour ... without starting Horizon OS.
Update 1.9.2 goes beyond just adding support for the latest firmware, as it also made some fixes. 

Changelog 1.9.2 :
Updated to support version 12.0.2, which again introduces no new keys but has a new pkg1 version

Updated bdk/drivers to reach parity with hekate v5.5.6

Implemented payload compression to allow for easier growth in the future

Re-enabled the battery status bar

Download: Lockpick RCM v1.9.2

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