MissionControl v0.5.0 Alpha 2 Released

MissionControl v0.5.0 Alpha 2

On this beautiful first day of May 2021, here comes a new version of MissionControl, the sysmodule that allows you to connect up to 8 third-party controllers on Nintendo Switch using bluetooth.
This version 0.5.0 pre-release 2 confirms the work already done on the previous version, this previous version had experienced pairing problems due to a bug in the Bluetooth service introduced in version 12.0.0.

Under version 12.0.1, with the exception of Wii / Wii U controllers, the problems are less numerous, and this version 0.5.0 Alpha 2 brings support for Atmosphere 0.19.2 which has just been released.
Download: MissionControl v0.5.0 Alpha 2

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