Ultimate Toolbox v2.00 Released

Ultimate Toolbox v2.00

DeViL303 has just put online a new version of Ultimate Toolbox which is now in v2.00.
This new version supports new mods, but also old mods, Ultimate Toolbox has been tested under the most recent CFWs, as well as the latest version of HEN.
Indeed, Ultimate Toolbox has been tested on Rebug, Evilnat and Ferrox and on 4.87.1 HFW with the latest HEN. Some items are only for CFWs, these options are labeled with flashing symbols warning not to use them on HEN. 

If you feel like it, you have the possibility to bring your water to the mill by broadcasting a translation, look in the dev_hdd0 / ULTOOLBOX / USRDIR / language_packs / English / folder, there are about 7MB of xml that should be translated . The developer is asking for help on this.
If you are on HEN, after installation you should go to Firmware Settings> HEN Options and choose to promote the HEN Enabler for your HFW version at the root of the game. You can also enable HEN from there if needed .
There is a link to Evilnat 4.87.3 included in the download section of the PUP, for now this link points to Evilnat 4.87.2, when the PUP is available, the file will be updated on the server side.
After the initial installation, it will change the color of the PSN icons to blue, you can change it to red in the visual customization menu if you want.

Download: Ultimate Toolbox v2.00

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