Can't Find Your Own Region DLC?:

Lmans PKG viewer: HERE, PUB SFO: (you must find this your self), for regional game ID's.

Example game (GOW):
USA: UP9000-CUSA07408_00-PO00010000000000
EUR: EP9000-CUSA07410_00-PO00010000000000


  • Open DLC PKG with PKG VIEWER, click extra tab, click LIST CONTENTS, Right click on the CUSA ID of the game and extract to a location you will remember.
  • Open the SFO in the folder with PUB SFO, edit the first 2 characters of the CONTENT ID (EG: change UP9000 to EP9000 if converting USA DLC to work on EUR game), edit the GAME ID from the EU ID to the USA equivalent (For example: CUSA07408 -> CUSA07410), save it to IMAGE0/SCE_SYS/PARAM.SFO.
  • Open PUB GEN, click File > New Project > Additional Content Package with Extra Data, double click IMAGE0, move the modified SCE_SYS folder into there.
  • Click back, Click Command, Click Project Settings, enter the entire new PKG ID you converted (For example: EP9000-CUSA07410_00-PO00010000000000 ) & set the pass code to all 0's, then click OK.
  • Click Command > Build Image > select the output path > click Build.
  • When done: Use debug settings to install the PKG with the now matching region. (Some DLC with extra files will not work)

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