Switch Guide

Switch Guide the following

Using CFW

  1. Using and Configuring Hekate

  1. Install NSPs over USB

Updating/Downgrading Manually   

Upgrading/Downgrading Manually With a PC

Lockpick - Switch key derivation homebrew

How to easy extract game files from NSP & XCI

How to delete game updates using DevMenu without going to maintenance mode 

[Guide] Backup/Restore your Nand + Get your biskeys+tseckeys+keys.txt

[GUIDE] Downgrade to 6.2 with no NAND backup, get ReiNX back!

An EASY way to update Switch Firmware WITHOUT burning any fuses

Switch 7.0 Downgrade to 6.2 tutorial

How to restore a corrupted SD card

How to install eShop games with SX OS

how to backup games for Team Xecuter's SX PRO or SX OS mods

[Tutorial] Installing a custom system font with SX OS EmuNAND

Loading .NSP Backup Files with ReiNX

ReiNX Installation and Use

Guide: how to dump emuMMC games to NSP

[Guide] How to install Android on the Switch if you are using a SX Pro dongle! 

[Tutorial] Export your Pokémon animated models from Nintendo Switch to Unity Engine


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