Loading .NSP Backup Files with ReiNX

Loading .NSP Backup Files with ReiNX

This guide will transform your stock switch to play "backups" of switch games

1.) Installing ReiNX

  • Download the latest stable ReiNX Release (Found here) (Extract this on to the root of your SD)
  • Make a new folder in the /ReiNX/ directory on your SD named 'titles'
  • Download hbmenu.nro (place this on the root of your SD)
  • Download this .zip file and extract it to /ReiNX/titles/
  • Download the latest stable release of Tinfoil(Found here)
  • Create a new folder on the SD's root named 'switch'
  • Place tinfoil.nro (found in the tinfoil zip) in the /switch/ directory
  • Make a new folder on the root of the SD named 'tinfoil' and inside this folder create another folder named 'nsp'

*From now on any NSP warez or homebrew you download should be placed in /tinfoil/nsp on the SD card.

2.) Booting into ReiNX
*Skip this step if you are familiar with booting into CFW

  • Use your method of choice to enter RCM
  • Push ReiNX.bin from the ReiNX.zip we downloaded earlier to your switch. (If you do not know what app to use to do this i reccomend TegraRCMGUI for Windows users.)

3.) Installing Games

  • Open the homebrew launcher by opening the Nintendo Switch Album
  • Open tinfoil
  • Choose Title Management>Install NSP>(Choose the NSP you would like to install)

Profit! Enjoy your "legally obtained backups" ;)

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