Broadcasts LAN connection Online:

Files required: = XBOX System Link fixed version 9.6.0 = winpcap

Your game VERSION has to match other peoples to play online, regardless of OFW version used (this means 5.05 can play against 6.00)
Your PS4 must be LAN connected to your PC (note down your LAN MAC ADDRESS)
(You can bypass your PC needing to be LAN connected to your router by setting up connection sharing: right click LAN connection on taskbar > network & internet settings > change adapter options > right click wifi connection > properties > click sharing tab > click allow other network users to use this connection > and select your ethernet connection as the shared connection.
You need to know your PC IPv4 address: CMD > IPCONFIG will show you.
Ability to add exceptions to your firewall through anti virus software. (XBSLink itself or Port 31415) if you need more information on configuring port forwarding on your router.

Start here:

Install WINPCAP prior to starting up XBSLink (it's necessary)
Start XBSLink and go to settings tab and enter your nickname, leave everything else default, go to network tab and change CAPTURE DEVICE to your LAN connection, select bind to IP and choose the IP address of your PC as the IP to use.
In the NETWORK tab, enter your PS4's LAN MAC ADDRESS into the "always forward mac" list > check "enable special mac list" & "only forward these devices".
Click START ENGINE (top left) > start a LAN compatible game on PS4 and the PS4 MAC ADDRESS should pop up in XBSLink local engine info after a few seconds.

If you get the "port unreachable/closed" message: then you need to use UPNP port forwarding to match your router, go to NETWORK tab and check the USE UPNP check box.
If you still get this error you need to port forward 31415: CMD > IPCONFIG > copy default gateway of your active internet connection (NOT LAN) > paste it into your browser to open your routers config page > go to firewall settings > port forwarding > (add game/application > name it XBSlink enter 31415 into any box that asks for port range or transfer > set protocol to any > apply settings) > select XBSLink and select your PC (or enter your PC's IP address) as the device you are running XBSLink from > and apply this setting (remember to turn UPNP off if you are manually port forwarding).

To connect to other people: Enter your friends external IP address into remote host ( > port 31415 > click "directly connect to host".
For others to connect to you: Get your external IP address ( > send it to your friend > they enter it into remote host > port 31415 > they click "directly connect to host".

To JOIN a game: on PS4 in LAN compatible game > Click search for local game > connect.
To HOST a game: on PS4 in a LAN compatible game > host a game > await friend connections > start game.

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