Installing Ensō (3.60)

Installing Ensō (3.60)

Required Reading

Ensō is a complete CFW solution for the PS Vita (TV) which allows for convenient homebrew access on your device by running an exploit at boot-time to setup the HENkaku homebrew environment.

It is more convenient than HENkaku as it does not require you to trigger an exploit on your device after every reboot manually.

What You Need

An FTP Client such as WinSCP or CyberDuck
The latest release of Ensō (3.60)
The latest release of VitaShell


Section I - Prep Work

  1. Launch the molecularShell application
  2. Press (Select) to enable FTP access on your device
  3. Open your FTP client on your computer
  4. Enter the IP Address and Port displayed on your device
  5. Using your FTP client, navigate to ux0: -> data/ 
  6. Transfer enso.vpk to the data folder
  7. Transfer VitaShell.vpk to the data folder
  8. Press (Circle) on your device to close the FTP connection

Section II - Installing VPKs

  1. On your device, navigate to ux0: -> data/ 
  2. Press (Square) on each of the .vpk files to mark them
  3. Press (Triangle) to open the menu, then select “More” -> “Install all” to install the marked files
  4. Press (Cross) to confirm the install
  5. Press (Cross) to continue the install each time you are prompted about extended permissions
  6. Press (Triangle) to open the menu, then select “Delete” to delete the marked files
  7. Press (Cross) to confirm the deletion
  8. Close the molecularShell application

Section III - Installing Ensō

1.Open the Ensō application
2.Press (Circle) to accept the terms
3.Press (Cross) to install Ensō
  • When the process has completed, press any button to reboot your device

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