News About New Zelda WW Mod

News About New Zelda WW Mod

In a rather shocking turns of events the commercial gaming site has posted a short article about a new and rather impressive looking game mod by Kurko Mods for The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker for the Nintendo GameCube. The new mod named The Legend Of Banjo Kazooie - The Bear Waker will include 10 Jiggies, 100 Notes, 2 Extra Honeycombs and a Mumbo transformation. It will include a Main Area (Outset Island) and 9 Sub-Areas (The island houses, The Forest of Fairies and some caves).

Sites such as ArsTechnica and NintendoLife feature scene related articles a lot, but it's very uncommon to find material related to the game modification scene hosted on large entities such as This is the first time I recall them ever posting about a game mod on their site. Interesting times we live in ...

Banjo-Kazooie excitement and nostalgia is through the roof at the moment, with fans reveling in unprecedented joy after the duo’s reveal for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster.

They will soon be able to brave the Great Sea and face off with Toon Link in their Smash Bros. debut, but this mod has brought them one step further.

Thanks to Kurko Mods, Banjo and his feathered friend find themselves on Outset Island, scurrying around the opening area from the beautiful, 2003 cel-shaded Zelda GameCube masterpiece The Wind Waker. -

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