Chocolate Doom Launcher v1.1.0 Released

Chocolate Doom Launcher v1.1.0 Released

NicholeMattera is in full swing to improve the porting of Doom on Switch. The versions are linked fairly quickly and bring very interesting new options. This time, he focused on some badly needed features:

  •     Easier mod support, especially with the use of INI files to pass arguments.
  •     The ability to update Chocolate Doom Launcher / Chocolate Doom NX directly from the interface (by pressing Y)
  •     File storage optimization: DEH in “dehs”, WAD in “wads”, INI in “mods”

He took the opportunity to correct the bug that launched Chocolate Doom NX from the root of the SD card, causing the configuration files and backups to be written also to the root. For this purpose, the files in question will be automatically moved to where they should have been originally. Finally, each game (and each mod) will now have its own save folder.



    Main screen now lists both base games (IWADS) and mods (Defined by INI files).
    Better support for mods!
        All dehacked (DEH) files now go into the ./dehs folder.
        All WAD files including PWADS go into the ./wads folder.
        All INI files go into the ./mods folder. Examples of these INI files can be found in the file in the release. These INI files are text files that define the mod and the arguments that should be ran with Chocolate Doom NX. Supported arguments are: aa, af, as, deh, file, merge, and nwtmerge (More information about these arguments can be found here)
    Each game (including mods) will now have it’s own save game directory.
    Will now pass the -launcher parameter to Chocolate Doom NX, so it will now quit back to Chocolate Doom Launcher.
    Added the ability to update both Chocolate Doom Launcher and Chocolate Doom NX from within the launcher. With an internet connection, open Chocolate Doom Launcher and press Y on the main screen to check for updates.
    Added Hacx to the list of detectable IWADS.
    Fixed a bug where Chocolate Doom NX was running with the root of the SD card as it’s current working directory.
        Old config files will be deleted from the root of the SD Card, and save games will be moved to the correct location.
Download : Chocolate Doom Launcher v1.1.0

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