Project Lunar V1.0.5 Released

The site has just put online v1.0.5 of its Project Lunar program, so the Team is delighted with many new features.

Changelog 1.0.5:

1.0.5 List of characteristics of the Lunar project

- Revision of the stock backup states (correction of some faults in the M2 code of stocks in terms of backup states. This is important because it allows good integration of files in the future. We have also laid the foundations to be able to handle SRAMs in the future)
- Added support for the Desktop UI executor. This allows you to run any console emulator from the original user interface. When adding a game, you can select the RA kernel you want to use to make it work. We have also extended support for the scraper to allow the use of all consoles. This means you can now add problematic Mega Drive games to run via RA like Hyperstone Heist or add 32x games and Mega CD iso to the original interface.
- If the scraped images are horizontal (i.e. SNES EU / US images), rotate them automatically so that they fit better into the original interface.
- Added support for compressed .7z files. (You can add roms .7z)
- Added support for adding rom compress. When adding a rom not intended for the basic emulator, you can choose to have it compressed.
- Addition of the "Pixel Perfect Mode" option of the standard emulator. This will dynamically resize the game screen based on what the emulator wants it to be instead of forcing it. (Golden Ax is a good example)
- Addition of the "Force theme" option. You can now force a specific region background theme for the original user interface while keeping your language. That is to say a Japanese theme but with a text in English. (Please note that if you force US from an EU console, you will get a missing box because the EU console does not come with all graphics for some reason)
- Addition of the option "save the repair of the State". If you had a problem with the disappearance of state backups in random games, etc., you can now execute the state backup repair by clicking: Tools> Advanced> Repair badly placed backup states (This will clean up also your NAND of any remaining backup states where the rom no longer exists.
- Cleaning the uninstall where a file would be left during the uninstall.
- Review of the backup management of the main menu (008) so that you no longer need to reset your menu settings (that is to say the language) during installation / uninstallation.
- Added support .SMD
- Fixed and added The Games DB scraper, so you now have two options
- Added performance improvements for ScreenScraper. (Also added some reliability fixes)
- Addition of a workaround to allow installation if the NAND falg is badly positioned.
- Numerous bug fixes

Download: Project Lunar V1.0.5

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