Autoplugin II v1.00 Released

Autoplugin II v1.00

The most downloaded homebrew of the PlayStation Vita scene has just up to version II, developed by theheroGAC, the team of Onelua, holdandmodify have updated Autoplugin, with the most complete characteristics of the scene Vita.

Characteristics :

- Installs more than 86 PSVITA plugins
- Automatically installs your SD2VITA
- Optional parameters
- Online plugin update
- Online languages update
- You can now view the readme file online for most of the plugins included
- Correction of the Download / Install of ITLS-Enso and Battery (vpk)
- Definition of a custom image (Custom Boot Splash is required)
- Definition of a personalized alert message (a personalized alert is necessary)
- Correction of the level of transparency (the level of transparency is required)

Download: Autoplugin II v1.00

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