Lapy Games Collection v1.0 - Contains 9 games in one pkg

Lapy (of Lapy Games) known for various Ps4 homebrew games (powered by Unity) like the Duck Hunt Remake , Wild Gunman Remake, El Pollo 2.0 & Save the Scene: The Game , are just some of the past releases from the developer. Now with this initial release of Lapy Games Collection you can find those game mentions plus some other great one not mentioned infact the developer has included and all the other games released on the PS4 (homebrew enabled) in this collection totaling 9 games into a single pkg. The release comes with a menu to navigate and choose which game to launch.

Also interesting the developer states on twitter alongside this release "dusting my Unity for PS4 much more to come..." so it appears we could be seeing more projects from Lapy in the near future. Which is good to see as the PS4 Scene is starting to see an uptick in development..

Included Games
  •         Save The Scene: The Game
  •         Duck Hunt Remake (35 Anniversary)
  •         Wild Gunman Remake
  •         Lapy's Chicken (El Pollo)
  •         El Pollo 2.0
  •         Overcome
  •         Shoot Test
  •         Scene Quiz Game
  •         Overcome - Save the Girl Edition

Download: Lapy Games Collection (v1.0)

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