Gamecard Installer NX v2.0.0 Released

Gamecard Installer NX v2.0.0

TotalJustice has just created version 2.0 of its game installation program homebrew which, as its name suggests, installs your game cards directly on your Switch, it is called Gamecard Installer NX.

Finally ! Version 2.0.0 is here, a lot of changes in the code. Now, the cnmt is analyzed as the gamecard is mounted. This means that the patches are no longer needed for the application, but that patches will still be required to play the game.

The installation speed is now faster, there is a lot more information about the gamecard and its displayed content and there are some adjustments to be made!

What's new ?
- Parameters menu.
- Game information menu.
- Option to lower the keygen (also installation without ticket).
- Option to choose to install base, update or dlc.
- Display of the total of the base, the update and the dlc per game.
- Textures are now fully cached, with a slight increase in performance during installation (~ 40MiB / s).
- Activate / deactivate music and sound.

What is corrected?
- Only the basic game was installed before, it was a huge oversight on my part.
- The text is now cut so that it is no longer displayed on the screen.

Download: Gamecard Installer NX v2.0.0

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