NOBORU v0.50 Released

NOBORU v0.50

Creckeryop has released a new update of NOBORU with the new version 0.50.NOBORU allows you to download and read your favorite manga directly on PSVITA both online and offline with touch support.

  •      At least 10-20 MB of memory (for online reading) or more (for offline reading)
Data structure:
ux0: data / noboru / cache / - folder that holds cached manga info (also history)
ux0: data / noboru / chapters / - folder that holds chapters saved
ux0: data / noboru / parsers / - folder for parsers
ux0: data / noboru / save.dat - library savefile
ux0: data / noboru / c.c - saved chapters info
ux0: data / noboru / settings.ini - application settings
You can simply delete the noboru folder to restore all the settings

Import (0.35+):

So if you want to add your manga to the library, you have four ways:
  •     You can import the folder with the pictures
  •     You can import a folder with folders with images
  •     You can import the folder with the files (.cbz, .zip)
  •     You can import a file (.cbz, .zip)
Also, if you want to read the .cbz file directly, you can simply open the file in the import section

Requirements for .cbz or .zip files:
  •     Image names must end in .jpg .jpeg .png or .bmp (webp not yet supported)
Folder requirements:
  •     No extra files (no image)
CBR not supported (I'm working on the road to support RAR archives, some images are slowing down and I just can't add it right now)

  •     Navigation in manga sites
  •     Research
  •     Integrated update program
  •     Manga reading (with Vertical or Horizontal mode!)
  •     MultiTouch, Swipes and other tactile things
  •     Adding manga to the library
  •     Longpage loading (webmanga) without resizing (thanks to my piclib)
  •     Multi language
  •     Reading without network (offline mode !! Don't forget to add manga to the library !! (you can also select the Historyscheda))

    French language added (thanks to @ Cimmerian-Iter)
    Added follow-up manga counter
    Added further settings (Controls, Themes, Sorting, ...)
    Added UpToDown scrolling
    Added menu for Manga (press Start)
    Updated update)
    Fixed several favorite catalogs
    Minor fixes


    Added nosleep during download
    (then the download will continue if life automatically turns black screen)
    (not via power button)
    If you lose your Internet connection, you will receive a message while downloading
    to restore the connection or delete the download queue by pressing X
    (wait 10 seconds if the download has stopped)
    minor corrections

I'm so sorry for all the bugs you see, please notify me about them on reddit,
let's make a nice app together.
If this update doesn't help you, I'll scale it back to 0.46
If the update didn't open automatically, open it yourself

    Added Italian language


    Added double tap to zoom
    Added preferred language settings for catalogs
    Fixed issue with ADAM7 interlacing PNG images
    Minor fixes

Download: NOBORU v0.50

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