NxThemes Installer 2.2.3 Released

NxThemes Installer 2.2.3

exelix11 has released a new version of NxThemes Installer, which is a homebrew application for managing custom themes on the Nintendo Switch. It supports installing and removing the old szs and new nxtheme formats via a GUI.

What's New?

-  Firmware 10.0 support
-  Shiny new UI for the theme installer
    -  Includes several bug fixes, no more seizure-inducing flashing text when navigating or installing multiple themes !
-  Support for font color in the nxtheme format


-  Added a button to easily extract nxthemes
-  Dropped the included DDS converter for better linux compatibility
    -  This means that now only JPG and DDS images are supported for backgrounds and only PNG and DDS for custom applet icons.
    -  PNG isn't supported for backgrounds as having a lossless image only increases the theme size as eventually it gets compressed with DXT1 (lossy !), for best quality use a good DDS encoder
-  "SZS Patcher" tab is now hidden by default, you can enable it from the advanced settings if you need to.


 Install the new nxtheme format
 Install the old szs themes
 Automatically detect proper name and firmware version for szs files
 Directly dump home menu nca, no more hacdiskmount !
 Suports all major cfws (atmosphere, reinx and sx os)


Basic Installation Instructions

Create a folder called themes in the root of the sd and copy your themes in there, to install nxthemes you'll have to follow this [a href="https://github.com/exelix11/SwitchThemeInjector/blob/master/DumpingFiles.md"]quick guide[/a] first.


Make sure to have layeredFS set up on your console or else themes won't show up.

Sx os doesn't require you to have the "sxos" folder on the root of the sd, but if you don't have it the installer won't detect sx os. So if you use sx os and don't have a folder called sxos on the sd, manually create it.

Download: NxThemes Installer 2.2.3

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