Simple File Manager For PS3 v0.4.0 Released

Simple File Manager For PS3 v0.4.0

lmirel has released a new version of Simple File Manager For PS3, which is a basic file manager for homebrew enabled Sony PlayStation 3 consoles that will allow you to browse the internal contents of your PS3 along with external FAT devices.

What's New?

cleaned the code to be used as library in 'any' game manager - tested with IRISMAN, see IRISMAN.self file below loadable via ps3load


-   L1 and R1 change active/current panel to left(L1) or right(R1)
-   cross and circle, right and left used to navigate in and out of directories
-   up and down scroll current selection- rectangle for copy files/dirs
-   triangle for delete of copy/dirs
-   START rename file/dir
-   SELECT create dir

Download: Simple File Manager For PS3 v0.4.0

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