TWiLight Menu++ v13.0.0 and nds-bootstrap 0.32.0 Released

TWiLight Menu++ v13.0.0 and nds-bootstrap 0.32.0

RocketRobz has just released version 13.0 of TWiLight Menu ++ and version 0.32 of NDS-Bootstrap. As you know, TWiLight Menu ++ is an open source upgrade of the DSi menu and interface for nds-bootstrap (3DS / 2DS / DS / DSi compatible). This program will also allow you to play DS homebrews, DSiWare games and .nds roms from the SD card and GameBoy (.gb), GameBoy Advance (.gba) and Nes (.nes) roms from your SD card.

What's new for TWiLight Menu ++?

TWL (DSi-Enhanced) cartridges start now (but only in DS mode for now)!
If there is an existing soft reset parameter file on the SD card, when launching TWiLight Menu ++, the last DS (i) game launched will start with the existing parameters.
The first SDK2 games (but not all), as well as some SDK3-4 games, will no longer display the heap shrink option!
The classic DS menu now indicates that you can press B to return to the ROM menu.
(RetroGameFan) Fixed AP-fix files for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time.
Addition of an AP fix for:
-Chrono Trigger (SPA)
-Megaman Battle Network: Operate Star Force (ENG)
-Nora to Toki no Koubou: Kiri no Mori no Majo (CHN)
-Puyo Puyo !! 20th anniversary (ENG)
(gamemasterplc) Added wide screen support for the B-17 - Fortress in the Sky (USA).
Added Chinese and Korean language options for each game.
User parameters are now read from TWLCFG, if found!
Added other languages ​​for the DSi home screen, as well as the iQue DSi home screen for the Chinese language!
Flash card users in DS mode will continue to display the normal DSi home screen.
The 3DS / 2DS console is now found by checking the NAND, instead of the Nintendo 3DS folder on the SD card.
(@ R-YaTian) Classic DS menu: CHN and KOR Pictochat and DLP are now copied from NAND.
Correction of an error in the display of CHN and KOR Pictochat and DLP.
If you use DSiWarehax (for example sudokuhax, Memory Pit, etc.) to run TWiLight Menu ++ and nds-bootstrap, you can now define the DSiWare operation you are using, in addition to the region, in TWLMenu ++ Settings.
This allows nds-bootstrap to reset or exit the application when using DSiWarehax.
Addition of the nds-bootstrap options Increase the ROM space in RAM and the size of the cache block on the game / application settings page.
NOTE: for the "Expand ROM space in RAM" option, the + 512KB option will break the "Download Play" functionality, even for games that do not use the cloneboot.
Added an option in the GBARunner2 settings page, to simulate the colors of GBA.
When CycloDSi iEvolution is run in DSi mode, the console will now restart if FAT init remains stuck in a loop.

Bug fixes

If the text of the DS ROM banner (i) is not found for the language defined by the user, it will revert to the previous language of the user, and even further, if it is not found.
Fixed the display of the banner for Minna no Mahjong DS, for non-Japanese users.
Classic DS menu: Pictochat and DLP correction no longer copied from NAND at all.
Classic DS menu: Correction of DLPlay copy from NAND, overwriting Pictochat on SD.
Attempt to correct the rupture of the IR after accessing the classic DS menu. (Not tested!)

Known bug

Pokemon Gen 5 games hang when the cartridges hang by selecting Yes or No for C-Gear communications. (Reported by JosephNeale)

The Nintendo DS Browser no longer works from a cartridge.

What's new for Bootstrap? (DSi / 3DS)
Added option to load 12MB (DSi) or 28MB (3DS) of ROMs into RAM.
While the feature to load 8MB (DSi) or 24MB (3DS) ROMs into RAM has been included for some time, this option increases the ROM space in RAM.
Configuration in the .ini file: MEMORY_EXTENDED
NOTE: setting it to 2 will increase the space by 512 KB (untested thoroughly), but will break the download functionality, even for games that don't use cloneboot.
The language is now read from TWLCFG!
The arm9 card engine code is now loaded in the first 16 KB of RAM, for games that don't use it.
For the first SDK2 games, it is loaded somewhere after the binary arm7 in RAM.
This improves load times in Metroid Prime Hunters, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, and a few others, without the need to reduce the heap.
Bug fixes
Game compatibility has increased!
Other games are starting now, like:
- Marvel Trading Card Game
-Minna no Mahjong DS (does not work in B4DS)
-Nacho Free
- Sisters Giana (EUR)
-Lola & Virginia
-and more !
(Thanks to RetroGameFan for the comments!)
DSi / 3DS: Models are no longer corrupt in Diddy Kong Racing!
DSi / 3DS: If you use the nds-bootstrap in DSiWarehax, it will now restart after creating the FAT table.
It works around a crash, when you launch a game for the first time.
CACHE_FAT_TABLE must be set to 1 for the game started.

Regression (DSi / 3DS)

DMA readings reverted to CPU-based readings, due to an unexpected bug.
This causes delays in some games.

Download: TWiLight Menu ++ v13.0.0 / nds-bootstrap 0.32.0

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