Chiaki v0.0.4-switch Released

Chiaki v0.0.4-switch

H0neyBadger has released a new version of Chiaki, which is a port of the remote streaming client for Sony PlayStation 4 video gaming consoles for your homebrew enabled Nintendo Switch hybrid video gaming console. Chiaki will allow you to connect to your PS4 over a network connection and allow you to remotely play your games using your Nintendo Switch JoyCon as your gamepad.


Everything necessary for a full streaming session, including the initial registration and wakeup of the console, is supported. The following features however are yet to be implemented:

-Congestion Control
-H264 Error Concealment (FEC and active error recovery however are implemented)
-Touchpad support (Triggering the Touchpad Button is currently possible from the keyboard though)

Changelog v0.0.4-switch
-add touchscreen as touchpad (button only)

Download: Chiaki v0.0.4-switch

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