Freebird v0.9.5 Released

Freebird v0.9.5

JK has released a new version of Freebird, which is a homebrew sysmodule/plugin for the Nintendo to control switch clock speeds that will allow you to under or overclock your console. Freebird should be used in docked mode to save battery life, but be aware that if you Switch overheats it might cease to permanently function.


-Atmosphere: Copy over the contents of the zip and reboot your system to load the module. Open Freeset and use that to send over the clock speeds you want.
-ReiNX: Create a folder in your ReiNX folder named titles if there isn't one. Copy the titles folder from the atmosphere folder to ReiNX/titles. Open "010000000000C235" and move the boot2.flag to the same directory as the exefs.nsp file. Reboot and freebird should now be working on ReiNX.

X turns freebird's clock setting feature on and off. Remember to turn this off before putting your system to sleep. I'm working on it™, but it will cause and require you to fully shutdown and restart your Switch if accidentally left on. When on, freebird will check and set the clocks if they don't match what you choose. When turned off, your clock speeds will be reset and no longer forced.

A sends over the clock speeds shown/chosen from the menu. Up and down change the currently selected option, left and right change speed.

Changelog v0.9.5
I wanted Freebird back for Trials of Mana and saving battery on emulating retro stuff. Figured I'd share.

Download: Freebird v0.9.5

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