OpenOrbis Toolchain v0.3 Released

OpenOrbis Toolchain v0.3

And three, here is already a new version of the OpenOrbis Toolchain, it's still Specter who is in the driver's seat, and he therefore offers v0.3 of the Toolchain for OpenOrbis for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

As a reminder, the Toolchain is a set of tools that allows developers to build ELF files without having to use the official Sony SDK, so only free tools are needed to make a homebrew. As usual, the way to launch them remains the same, namely using the 5.05 kernel exploit.

This version 0.3 brings a lot of new features:
- Added support for MUSL libc, removed old BSD headers, and reorganized samples to use MUSL.
- Addition of library sources for continuous integration (IC).
- Add debugging information via the section header table in OELFs via create-eboot.
- Fixed an issue in create-eboot where NIDs were written for local symbols when they shouldn't be.
- Fixed a problem with drawPixel () in the font, the graphics and pngdec samples were not aligned, which caused a slowdown in performance (thanks m0rph3us1987).
- Addition of the writing of the interpretation chain in the script of the link editor and suppression of the creation of a link.
- Removal of the condition of create-eboot where the need for a .got.plt section was checked only for SPRX libraries and not for SELF eboots; all binaries need this section.
- Removed sample package files to reduce the set. They will be available later as separate versions.
- Disable buffering on standard output of various samples for MUSL.
Download: OpenOrbis Toolchain v0.3

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