SciresM Uses Hacked Xecuter Boot0 Code To Get Mariko Keys

SciresM Uses Hacked Xecuter Boot0 Code To Get Mariko Keys

SciresM has managed to dump and decrypt the custom boot0 bootloader that the Xecuter Core Nintendo Switch modchip uses to boot on Mariko v2 Switch consoles. After breaking Xecuter's DRM SciresM managed to obtain the Mariko Boot Encryption and Mariko Key Encryption Keys. SciresM has then decided to run a Twitch Stream of him fully labeling the Mariko TrustZone code, which will happen on Monday or Tuesday. Contrary to rumors these advancements, which are thanks to Xecuter, will not allow you to run CFW on Mariko Switch consoles as that still requires a mod chip soldered onto the Switch's internal components.

What's interesting about this development is the willingness by the scene to overlook one group taking others code while then attacking another for doing the same thing. The double standards among some of these hackers who simply want everything handed to them for free is glowingly apparent.


SX Core/Lite compromised, stage0 payload dumped

Mariko (new Switch/Switch Lite) pk11 dumped

Mariko BEK and KEK dumped

SciresM plans to stream Mariko SecureMonitor/TrustZone reverse engineering on Monday or Tuesday

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