SimpleModManager v1.5.1 Released

SimpleModManager v1.5.1

nadrino has released a new version of SimpleModManager, which is an homebrew application for your homebrew enabled Nintendo Switch running the Atmosphere CFW. It allows to manage your LayeredFS game mods and could come in very useful if you have multiple game mods as it allows you to toggle which ones you want to use.



-Place the .nro file in the `/switch/` folder of your SDcard.
-At the ROOT of your SDcard, create a `/mods/` folder.
-Tree structure : `/mods/[NameOfTheGame]/[NameOfTheMod]/[ModTreeStructureFromAtmosphereFolder]`

Example : `/mods/The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild/First Person View/titles/01007EF00011E000/romfs/Actor/Pack/GameRomCamera.sbactorpack`

Changelog v1.5.1
Compiled with latest libnx. Tested on fw 10.0.2 with Atmosphere 0.12.0.

New features:

-Now SMM remembers the last install-preset you used.
-Mods status cache is now considering install-preset
-Now by pressing "Y", you can also check the conflicts a given mod wrt the others.
-After the creation(edition) of a presets, SMM will now show the list conflicted files and the mod that will be considered for each of these files. Also the total size of the preset is printed.
-Adding default install preset : "root", where the mods are installed in "/".
-Re-design the buttons layout.


-Fixing a bug in the config file reading that prevented the program to get non install-preset related options: stored-mods-base-folder and last-program-version.


-Now mods status cache file is writen as "mods_status_cache.txt"
-Adding "use-gui" parameter, but will only be used by the GUI build
-Now FS is properly handled by "enableEmbeddedSwitchFS"/"disableEmbeddedSwitchFS"
-mkdir is now handled by native Switch FS calls
Download: SimpleModManager v1.5.1

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