Switch Shot v0.1.1 Released

Switch Shot v0.1.1

TricksterGuy has released a new version of Switch Shot, which is a hombrew Same Game (Chain Shot!) clone for the Nintendo Switch. Chain Shot! was developed originally by Kuniaki Moribe in 1985 for the Fujitsu FM-8/7 series, and ported to UNIX under the name of Same Game in 1992 by Eiji Fukumoto. This puzzle is probably one of the most ported/cloned puzzle programs available for computers, known under many different names


Cursor graphic is mine (Willing to accept pull requests for better ones). App Icon is also mine (Also willing to accept pull requests for better ones).

GIMP team for version 2.10.2 of GIMP because apparently 2.10.16 and 2.10.18 is super broken.

devkitpro team and SDL2 (and friends) team.

OpensourceDesign for FreeSans.ttf

A special thanks to grimfang4 for his NFont library (and utilities) which I remember using 12-13 years ago and surprised to still see being maintained!

Changelog v0.1.1
-Fixed color selection.

Download: Switch Shot v0.1.1

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