Easy PKG Extractor v1.05 with Firmware 6.72 support

Easy PKG Extractor v1.05 with Firmware 6.72 support

Lapy continues to delight us since it now distributes the version adapted to the firmware 6.72 of Easy PKG Extractor.

Indeed, the PlayStation 4 scene is finally evolving and therefore all homebrews must be adapted to the new firmware 6.72, which may quickly become the golden firmware if the exploit is stabilized, which once again is not the case at present.

The Easy PKG Extrator tool allows you to extract the PKG files currently installed in your console to a USB device connected to it.

It is possible to achieve the same using the FTP server or PS4-Xplorer, but it is not as easy as with this application.

Easy PKG Extractor v1.05
This application extracts or copies fpkg from PS4 to a USB device, does not empty anything. Note that this version is intended only for firmware 6.72, if you are in firmware 5.05 use the previous version.
Download: Easy PKG Extractor v1.05 (for FW 6.72)

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