GodMode9 4th Anniversary Edition Released

GodMode9 4th Anniversary Edition

d0k3 has been offering version 1.9.2Pre1 of the 4th anniversary edition of GodMode9 for a few hours.
He acknowledges that real life is now taking him longer than he can devote to developing GodMode9, but that he continues with the help of Aspargas2, who provided a ton of code, including ticket.db support and title.db manipulation and many other bug fixes. He would also like to thank profi200 and Wolfvak, as well as all those who helped with bug reports.

A Pre Version?
Although this version of GodMode9 has received all the attention, basic testing, it is still considered a beta. The new things can still be quite tricky, especially with installing game images (directly from game cartridges) on your system. This feature should always be used with caution. The game installation will be improved and extended in the next version.
GodMode9 bootloader
When the bootloader was introduced, there was basically only one other alternative, which was boot9strap. d0k3 recognizes that fastboot3DS is better (its code is partially emitted by d0k3), the bootloader will be removed from the next version.
Changelog of this version 1.9.2Pre1:
[New] Mount support for title.db (thanks @ aspargas2)
[New] Help for managing variable size tickets (thank you @luigoalma)
[Improvement] Appropriate mounting bracket for ticket.db (thanks @ aspargas2)
[Improvement] Various improvements to CIA builder, mainly for CIA conversion from NCSD
[Improvement] Tons of small performance improvements (thanks @Wolfvak)
[Improvement] Much smaller firm size (thanks @Wolfvak)
[Fixed] Fixed initialization screen (thanks @Wolfvak)
[Correction] Tons of small bug fixes
[Preview] Ability to install NCCH, NCSD (.3DS), DSiWare NDS, CIA, NUS / CDN on the system
Download: GodMode9 4th Anniversary Edition

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