Priiloader v0.9 and Swiss v0.5 r912 compatible with Wii mini

Priiloader v0.9 and Swiss v0.5 r912 compatible with Wii mini

PriiLoader is getting a makeover with a new version which is now compatible with the Wii Mini.
After the Wii and the Wii U, it is now up to the Wii Mini to take advantage of this magical tool that is PriiLoader. As a reminder, the application allows you to repair certain bricks, such as a Bannerbrik or a corruption of themes in the system, but also to add certain update blocks in the system menu.

The Rescue Menu can be executed by holding "ESC" on a connected USB keyboard while the Wii Mini is on, but the changes are very numerous.

Fixes & Improvements
    Reworked dol & SysMenu loading code.
        We can load -any- dol or elf now
        this removes the entrypoint restriction
    Fixed setting dol arguments
    Reworked the hacks parser & loading code
    Changed Priiloader's Nand bootcode
    Installer source is open source again
    Added decent vWii detection code to the installer
    Fixed a few online beta update version display bugs
    restart checking controllers if launching HBC failed
    libogc upgrade to 2.1.0
        Improved keyboard compatibility
        Improved 420p video output
    fixed loading binary arguments
    Reduce Priiloader size by loading the certs of NAND
New Features
    Added the first wii-mini hacks
    Added option to use front buttons to navigate
    Added offset support in the hacks
    Added support for comments in the hacks
    Added USB Keyboard support
        Meant for wii-mini
        Works on all Wii's
        Mapping is as follows :
            A = Enter
            B = Esc
            X = X
            Y = Y
            Start = Spacebar
            Arrow keys : directions
        Hold escape to stop autoboot and enter the menu

Download: Priiloader v0.9
That's not all, on the Nintendo Wii scene, there was also the update of Swiss which is now available in v0.5 r912.
Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to improve the user experience.
It is only thanks to Extrems that we can benefit from changes for this version, but they are also quite significant.

Changelog v0.5 r912 :
    Disable game settings not supported by current device.
    Show total disc number and found status.
    Invalidate disc ID after accessing it.
    Minor DI emulation accuracy improvements.
    Increase disc change time to 1.5 seconds.
    Allocate audio buffer from low arena.
    Pass low arena to hypervisor.
    Add OS signatures found in Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II.
    Add OS signatures found in Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc October 2001.
    Disable Star Wars: The Clone Wars' fastload.

Download: Swiss v0.5 r912

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