SwitchLayoutEditor and NSAInstaller Released

SwitchLayoutEditor and NSAInstaller

FuryBaguette invites us to discover a new version of its SwitchLayoutEditor application which goes into v1.0 Beta 11. This reminder utility aims to simplify and make more accessible the creation of themes (and layouts) for the Nintendo Switch!
The application allows us to edit and preview the .bflytet and .bflan files used in the interface and in the Switch games.
Although the latest version dates back to last April, the changes the developer made concern some crashes that users have reported.

Download: SwitchLayoutEditor v1.0 Beta 11
The second small novelty is the arrival of NSAInstaller which is already unveiled in v1.0.1, it is a fork of the Awoo-Installer program from Huntereb adapted by Team Neptune, the same which is at the origin of DeepSea, and which informs that this version is less cluttered, functions have been removed and it is less offensive than the original.
After launching the program with the name NSXInstaller, they renamed it NSAInstaller.

Characteristics :
- Ability to install NSP / NSZ / XCI / XCZ files and split NSP / XCI files from your SD card
- Ability to install NSP / NSZ / XCI / XCZ files over LAN or USB from tools such as NS-USBloader
- Ability to install NSP / NSZ / XCI / XCZ files on Internet by URL or Google Drive
- Ability to verify NCAs by header signature before installation
- Possibility to use Plutonium from XorTroll for a nice graphical interface
Download: NSAInstaller

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