PS4 HOST 6.72 V1.1 Released

PS4 HOST 6.72 V1.1

There is a host of host menu to run the PS4 hack in both 5.05 and 6.72.
Today a new host developed by the FSGKteam has just been created. 

todex hen 3.0.2 is a beta it still has some bug, and with hen 3.0.1b everything works fine according to the devs, they recommend you to use this one


    - hen-u 3.0.1b
    - Homebrew Enabler
    - Jailbreak success 99%
    - Sandbox Escape
    - Debug Settings + fix error 22 patch
    - External HDD Support
    - VR Support
    - Remote Package Install
    - Rest Mode Support
    - External HDD Format 7.xx Support
    - FW Version Spoof to 8.00 19 patch
    - Debug Trophies Support
    - sys_dynlib_dlsym Patch 2 patch
    - UART Enabler
    - Never Disable Screenshot
    - Remote Play Enabler
    - Ui optimize by 10%
    - icons are totally clickable
    - MOD GTA 6.72
    - added hen-u 3.0 and 3.0.1 for the few consoles that had kp
    - the c-code loader was improved
    - MOD GTA5 6.72 1.00 / 1.27 / 1.32
How to proceed :
    - Copy the applicationcache.db file to a usb key format in fat32 or exFat at the root.
    - plug the key into your ps4
    - delete the cache and cookies from your ps4 browser
    - go to this address via the web browser of your ps4
    https: //ciss84.githu...ore2/index.html and not clicking on anything is an auto payload
    - the console will restore the file from the usb key to your console
    - once complete uncheck internet connection in the networks option of your ps4
    - then go to the user-guide the host launches.

- Don't connect any usb device before launching the hen, this will cause a risk of crash
- Click on the text under black background at the bottom of the icon to launch the payload and click only once that will launch the payload

There are also two file versions of this same host just with a different background.


Ps4 host baground 1:
Ps4 host background 2:

To follow the developers of the FSGK TEAM:

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