Switch Army Knife (SAK) v0.7.6 Released

Switch Army Knife (SAK) v0.7.6

Switch Army Knife also called SAK by its author Kempa, is a tool exclusively distributed via the German site psxtools.de. Here it is updated to version 0.7.6. It is compatible with Windows (32 and 64 bits).
Under its name hides a Swiss Army knife of the Nintendo Switch scene, it allows you to easily convert Switch file formats including XCI and other NSPs, but also to divide them (splitter) with disconcerting ease. 

Switch Knife Army allows you to:
- Split / merge XCI
- Update XCIs with game updates + DLC
- Convert XCI to NSP
- Compress XCI to XCZ
- Decompress XCZ into XCI
- Extract firmware update files from XCI
- Patch the NSPs so that they switch to a lower firmware
- Split / merge NSP
- Convert NSP to XCI
- Compress NSP to NSZ
- Unzip NSZ to NSP
- Extract your Switch backups copied from the user partition
- Format the SD card in FAT32
What's new in this version:

Changes add _patch label if you use the patch XCI or NSP option
NSC_BUILDER (only squirrel.exe) update to new version 1.01b
hactoolnet update to new version 0.12.0

Download: Switch Army Knife (SAK) v0.7.6

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