PS4-Hamachi v1.1 Released

PS4-Hamachi v1.1

Sleirsgoevy has just put online a new version of PS4-Hamachi which is therefore now available in version 1.1.
Available in PKG format, this is an IDK if games recognize it. This has been tested only with the web browser accessing a VPN server, PS4-Hamachi allows to create local servers on PS4 using firmware 6.72. 

In fact this is an unofficial version of LogMeIn Inc., it is a port of the LogMeIn Hamachi virtual LAN client on the PS4. It was achieved by wrapping the linux binary. For now, it only works on firmware 6.72, it allows access to all the functions of a normal VPN and access to its own servers.
Download: PS4-Hamachi v1.1

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