The new re3-nx patch available

The new re3-nx patch

AGraber has been offering a new version of re3-nx for a few hours now, the recompilation of the engine allowing you to enjoy GTA 3 on the Nintendo Switch through the OpenGL GLFW library.

This new version of re3-nx brings a lot of new features:

  •     Button prompts for the Switch are now used in most parts of the game (they only match default settings though, so if you have them remapped you'll want to change them) - thanks to original re3 team for introducing support for this.
  •     Changed default mapping of X/Y buttons to match intended layout (triangle->Y and square->X - it was wrong before because it assumed it was an XBox controller, which has X/Y swapped. This will not be the case for A/B though, since A is used as a confirm/cancel button on most applications of the switch)
  •     CPU boost enabled when loading the game to slightly improve loading times
  •     Audio fixes from the original repository
  •     Various other improvements and changes from the original repos

How to install:

  •     Download
  •     Extract the re3 folder that is inside into the switch folder on the root of your SD card (so you get a re3 folder inside /switch/)
  •     Place GTA 3 PC files inside /switch/re3/

Download: re3-nx (patch version 07.11.2020)

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