Chiaki 2.0.0 Released

Chiaki 2.0.0

thestr4ng3r offers version 2.0.0 of Chiaki, as you know Chiaki is the first Remote Play client for PlayStation 4 which is Open Source, completely free, and which supports Linux, MacOS, Windows and Android.
This update brings compatibility no more and no less with the PlayStation 5! But that's not all, the number of changes is stratospheric! In addition, there is a port for the Nintendo Switch, to note in passing that Chiaki was re-licensed under AGPL v3 only (+ OpenSSL exemption). 

* PS5 Remote Play Support
* Add Nintendo Switch Borealis GUI
* FFMPEG in builds updated to 4.3.1
* Fix Manual Host ID reconstruction in GUI
* Add Video Profile Auto Downgrade when 1080p is selected for PS4
* Update discovered state in DiscoveryManager
* Move FFMPEG Decoder to lib
* Add correct Bitrate for 1080p
* Relicense under AGPL v3 only + OpenSSL
* Connect all available controllers in GUI
* Add Double Click for Fullscreen in GUI
* Ignore IMU-only Controllers in GUI
* Add Audio Device Selection to GUI
* Add Congestion Control
* Add Raspberry Pi Decoder
* Add Text Input Support to Library
* Use ChiakiKeyState to fix 32bit key state overflow
* Add option to use system Nanopb and jerasure
* Improve GUI CLI for streaming
* Add Sleep Mode Trigger
* Add generic Hardware Decoder Selection to GUI

Download: Chiaki 2.0.0

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