NeXT v1.22 Released

NeXT v1.22

Vampitech has just released a new version of its all-in-one tool NeXT, under this name hides an AIO solution distributed as a pack which is compatible with Atmosphere 0.16.2 and with the official firmware 11.0.1. It's sort of an equivalent of RetroReloaded or DeepSea.

On the program of this pack, you will find:
- Awoo install
- Atmosphere 0.16.2
- Hekate 5.5.1
- Nightfall
- Lockpick_RCM 1.9.0
- TegraExplorer 2.0.5
To install it:
- Download the latest version from
- Extract content
- Copy the contents of the SD folder to the root of the microSD memory
- Put the Nintendo Switch in RCM mode (Combo JIG + POWER and VOL + buttons)
- Inject via PC (TegraRCMGUI), Mobile (Rekado) or Dongle the PC / PAYLOADS / next.bin file
- Choose the CFW of your preference. If you choose SX OS, make sure you have a license. If you choose OFW, you will start the standard system without any modifications.
Download: NeXT v1.22

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