Tinfoil Web Server v1.0 Released

Tinfoil Web Server v1.0

Myster-Tee invites us to discover a new homebrew for the Nintendo Switch scene, named Tinfoil Web Server, it is an HTTP server that will allow you to easily install packages on a hacked Switch console.
This allows you to easily install XCI, NSP, NSZ files ... on a Nintendo Switch using the same WiFi network. Finally, this tool is quite close to what Blawar's NUT server for example can achieve.

All files must have a filename [titleid] to be recognized by Tinfoil, and for them to be detected as "New Game", "New DLC" and "New Update".
Note that Dotnet version 5.0 or later must be used on the server.
Download: Tinfoil Web Server v1.0

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