webMAN MOD 1.47.33 Released

webMAN MOD 1.47.33

Aldostools continues to offer updates on its famous PS3 plugin, it is always interesting to keep your manager up to date in order to take advantage of the latest innovations in the field.
webMAN MOD regularly benefiting from updates, including cumulative updates, no less than 27 corrections have been made by contributors since the last version 1.47.32, in addition a new key combo has been integrated, as well as optimizations on the management of dynamic themes. The audio part has not been forgotten since options have been added on auto-play music when opening webMAN MOD.

Changelog 1.47.33:

- New L2 + L3 + R3 combo emphasizes webMAN games
- This version allows you to define an audio visualization, a video player or a photo slider as a background or as a "dynamic theme".
Above, 2 videos from @ DeViL303 demonstrating this new option, the first shows an MP4 as an XMB background / the second Gaia as a dynamic theme
- Added an option to automatically play XMB music when starting the plugin
- New web commands /browser.ps3$music and /browser.ps3$home
- Cumulative update (which incorporates more than 27 changes)
Download: webMAN MOD 1.47.33

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