GodMode9 v2.0.0 Fifth Anniversary Released

GodMode9 v2.0.0 Fifth Anniversary

Developer d0k3 unveils the 5th anniversary edition of the first public release of GodMode9.
As the developer clarifies, as this is a special day, proper release is required, the changes are plentiful, no less than 189 changes, 437 working days and two preview releases.
The two most important features of this release, for most users, are the new Title Manager and the ability to install almost anything, but there are countless other new features, such as title information. , better support for cartridges and many improvements. 

What's new:

    [new] Completely revamped title info, with special info for installed titles, TMDs and CIAs
    [new] Initial CARD2 save read support for carts (thanks @dratini0!)
    [improved] Title manager now includes a ticket dumper
    [improved] Release ntrboot FIRMs now include scripts (thanks @gholms)
    [improved] Software keyboard now includes firstrun instructions
    [improved/fixed] Various smaller visual improvements and bugfixes

Download: GodMode9 v2.0.0 5th Anniversary

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