PS4 Tools Homebrew V1 Released

PS4 Tools Homebrew V1

The Darkprogramer informs us of the availability of PS4 Tools Homebrew in v1, this tool works on all firmwares that have an exploit.
The tool allows you to launch some functions such as opening the PKG selector, reading system information, opening a trophy management utility, or even opening a data backup option.
This software is in a way also a compilation of what can be done in terms of homebrews on PS4, with contributions like that of Lapy or Pearlxcore.

Functions :
- PKG Selector allows you to list all the PKGs of the console and to obtain additional information (Sealed Key, Lock Level, NpTitle, NpBind e.g.)
- Reading .at9 files and reading information by pressing X (Title, size, retail or fakePKG, ContentID, icon and background image ...).
- Trophy management, which will make it possible to list all the trophies, name them and unlock some of them.
- The Save Data management allows it to dump the backups on a USB key
Download: PS4_Tools_Homebrew_V1.pkg (222 MB)

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