PlayStation Mini Store and AutoPlugin II v1.23 Released

PlayStation Mini Store and AutoPlugin II v1.23

As you know, the PS3, PSP and Vita stores are going to close this summer, and well maybe there is still hope, at least for the PlayStation Vita for the moment since cuevavirus could have a way to keep an alternative store alive. .
The developer has just released PlayStation Mini Store, an application that could speed up the process of finding what you want to download.

According to the developer "this app is an alternative to the PlayStation Store app".
Features of PlayStation Mini Store:
- Quick navigation with text-only user interface
- Basket of 10 items, even for free items
- Browse Vita and PS3 stores
- Browse arbitrary categories
The top-level category ID can be set or left blank to be filled in automatically when opening the mini-store.
Boutique Vita: PN.VT.XX-PN.VT.GAME.XX-BASE where XX is the country code of your PSN account in capitals
PS3 Store: PN.P3.XX-PN.P3.GAME.XX-BASE where XX is your PSN Account Country Code in capitals
Please note that the PS3 store is a very old version.
As you can imagine, there is a risk of banning using this kind of program, for the moment it is version 0.1.0, so we can only advise you to wait for some user feedback. before you start.
It's all here: PlayStation Mini Store 

Another novelty on the PlayStation Vita (and PSTV) scene is the arrival of a new version of AutoPlugin II which goes to v1.23. As a reminder, AutoPlugin was the most downloaded homebrew of the PlayStation Vita scene developed by theheroGAC and which allowed plugins to be easily installed. The Onelua team then took up the torch in this version II which adds even more complete features.

Changelog 1.23 :

    Added option to configure Vita Nearest Neighbour plugin by gameid or in section ALL
    Updated Music Premium plugin to v1.06
    Turbopad plugin got replaced by Turbopad mod by yoti
    Updated Ref00d plugin to v1.1
    Added Fruitpeel plugin
    Warning message on how to boot the psvita disabling all plugins just in case
    Added option to download tsv files for pkgj

Download: AutoPlugin II v1.23

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