[GUIDE] Downgrade to 6.2 with no NAND backup, get ReiNX back!

Downgrade to 6.2 with no NAND backup, get ReiNX back!

This should help people interested in playing warez get their games and the ability to install NSP games back.
This guide assumes you are a ReiNX user who has updated their switch.

If you have updated to 7.0 as a ReiNX user you are either in the following two situations:

Situation 1:
Your switch cannot boot into a CFW due to having set up with ReiNX and not having 7.0 support

Situation 2:
You are using another CFW and cannot use any of your previously installed NSP games.

Follow this guide and get ReiNX back:

  1. Download the latest release of Atmosphere CFW
  2. Extract the .zip onto your SD
  3. Download ChoiDujourNX and put it on your SD
  4. Find Nintendo Switch FW 6.2.0 somewhere or extract it from a game. 
  5. Put your firmware files on your SD card in a folder named 6.2 FW
  6. Download hbl.nsp and put it in the atmosphere folder on your SD
  7. Enter RCM and launch fusee-primary.bin from the Atmosphere github page in step 1
  8. Launch the HBL by entering the album
  9. Launch ChoiDujourNX
  10. Choose Folder 6.2 FW as your install source
  11. Wait on OFW 6.2 to install make sure to choose the exFAT option if you have an exFAT formatted SD card
  12. Your switch should reboot into atmosphere, or be off at this point.
  13. Make sure your switch is on FW 6.2 if it is powered on.
  14. Turn off the switch and enter RCM and launch ReiNX.bin (which you should have from your previous install)

Enjoy! And don't update this time! A good tip is to keep your switch in Airplane mode so that the update does not auto download.
ReiNX should work as intended at this point.

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