Emunand to Sysnand (only for sd files option)

Emunand to Sysnand (only for sd files option)

this is a guide to make your emunand a proper nand backup, you can find this useful in 2 situations

1. You fucjed up and now need a nand to reset and you haven't backed up yours but have used Emunand Sx OS
2. You want to switch to Atmosphere from emunand to sysnand..

Let's begin

This is useful for people that chose emunand files on sd, else, you did poopoo

go to sxos<emunand and copy all files

put the script in the same folder

Use my custom script that I will publish soon to merge the parts

Then copy it on a 32gb exfat micro sd, then use sx os to restore your nand


attached file to download

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