Switch Homebrew Appstore

Switch Homebrew Appstore

Download: https://github.com/vgmoose/appstorenx/releases
View Online: https://switchbru.com/appstore/

The Homebrew App Store NX is graphical frontend to the get package manager for downloading and managing homebrew on the Nintendo Switch. This is a replacement to the Wii U Homebrew App Store.

2.0 Update changelog :

New Features:

  • Search functionality with on screen keyboard
  • Allow sorting of app list by: most recently updated, download count, alphabetically, download size, and randomly
  • Add new "Advanced" category including some system/hekate modules
  • Redesigned "App Details" screen to show much more information about each app such as long scrollable description, download count, download size, and last updated date
  • Added feedback reporting for any app to collect data about what works and doesn't work. This feedback will be passed along to the app's author if appropriate


  • All touch and controller controls refactored and more responsive to input (highlights, buttons, etc)
  • Add four-column "wide" view activated by pressing L or ZL in the app listing
  • New offline screen when internet connection isn't detected instead of empty progress bar
  • List other apps by the same author from the details page

Bug fixes:

  • Switched to curl instead of old hacky HTTP downloading curl
  • Empty folders are now removed upon uninstallation of a package
  • Corrupt cached icons should no longer freeze loading
  • Uses romfs for storing images instead of an external folder
  • Some settings for cleaning up any empty folders leftover by the old app and wiping the icon cache


To run this program, a Nintendo Switch with access to hbmenu is required (currently requires an sd card). Unzip the contents of the zip at the Github link above to the root of the SD card. For more detailed instructions, see the readme.

App Compatibility

See here for the compatibility of every package on the default repo with Switch firmware 5.1: https://github.com/vgmoose/appstorenx/wiki/Switchbru-Repo


You can come by the Switchbru Discord (or #switchbru on Freenode) to discuss any issues/development, or if you want to work on your own homebrew app using the source code. Individual issues for the app can be reported on Github.

If you are trying to block updates, the DNS server at can be used safely with this application by pressing home when the DNS landing page appears, then launching the app store.


This software is licensed under the GPLv3. Please feel free to report issues or give your own contributions to the source code!

This program is presented for the users and is designed to respect your personal freedoms.

If you are interested in these freedoms and why they're important, here's a great book by Cory Doctorow that is also available to read for free: https://craphound.com/littlebrother/download/


pwsincd - web frontend, maintenance, hosting
vgmoose - package manager, GUI implementation, maintenance
rw-r-r_0644 - manifest parsing and installation code
zarklord1 - zip folder extraction library
jaames - web frontend GUI design and layout
roman - app GUI design and layout

Screen shots

All apps are initially marked as "GET". Once they are installed, they move to the "INSTALLED" category. And if an update is available on the server, it wlll show as "UPDATE".

The main method of controlling the screen is via touch input + fling to scroll. If you push on the D-pad, a fallback cursor will pop-up to support TV mode.

Submitting an app

The best way to submit an app and ensure that updates will get out to users is to publish it and updates to it via a Github release. Then the version will automatically be checked daily against our version to be rolled out to users.

If you have a Github repo or gbatemp thread for your app, chances are Pwsincd or Vgmoose will message you / have already messaged you asking for permission to include it on the store. You can also message us directly however.

For now, every package in the default repo is manually curated. There is an effort to make this more automated here: https://github.com/vgmoose/barkeep

Maintaining a repo

See get's instructions for setting up a repository. Everything is designed to be statically hosted. If there's no repo provided in the repos.json config file, then it will generate a default one pointing to switchbru.com/appstore.

For more info about why Get repos are the way they are and how to set then up, see also Get's wiki: https://github.com/vgmoose/get/wiki/Overview-&-Glossary

At this time, you will also have to make a modification to the get library to hardcode the IP of your desired server in addition to the repos.json file and only one repo is supported. In the future, multiple repos will be supported (by adding more to the json) and will be configurable in the UI.

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