ReverseNX v0.1 Released

ReverseNX v0.1 Released

masagrator has released ReverseNX which is a SaltyNX plugin that replace the docked or non-docked mode checks retail games make when running on the Nintendo Switch. This homebrew plugin will allow you to use graphics settings and unlock some options that are available only in docked or handheld mode. It's advised when running this in handheld mode and overclocking to have a USB C power source connected at all times.


SaltyNX plugin that replace games checks if you are using docked or handheld mode. They are mostly used to determine graphics settings and unlocking some options that are available only in docked/handheld mode.

For now in experimental phase, because it looks like SaltyNX is not in good terms with some games (they will crash without any plugin) or maybe I screwed up.

Tests were done on FW 7.0.1-8.1.0, Atmosphere 0.9.1-0.9.2

It should work with ReinX too.

SX OS is not supported.


Plugin works always globally. For now flag per titleid is not supported (this would need modifications in SaltyNX).

Flags: create in folder `saltysd/plugins/ReverseNX/` empty file:

*   `docked.flag` for docked mode


*   `handheld.flag` for handheld mode

When both flags are there or none of them, plugin will ignore loading.

For docked flag is recommended to use OC settings exactly as used in docked mode:

] handheld_charging_gpu=768
] handheld_charging_mem=1600

Thanks to

shinyquagsire23 for SaltyNX

ultimate-research for code-mod-framework

jugeeya for precompiled SaltyNX nsp sysmodule. Originally it's compiled as kip (precompiled sysmodule only in release)

zakaria for testing

How to compile plugin

It still works even with errors about not converting unsigned integers properly. Dunno how to repair it.



First release.
Put folders to root of your sdcard. Restart console.

In case if you use ReinX, rename folder "atmosphere" to "reinx"

Default flag is docked.

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