Nintendo Wii Mini Hacked Via Bluetooth Exploit

Nintendo Wii Mini Hacked Via Bluetooth Exploit

RiiConnect24 is reporting that the Nintendo Wii Mini has been hacked! "The Wii Mini has been hacked, thanks to a vulnerability in Broadcom's Bluetooth stack. I repeat. The Wii Mini has been hacked.  Fullmetal5, the maker of str2hax and FlashHax, hacked it.  An exploit isn't publicly available yet, but this should be interesting."


Nintendo Wii Mini is a smaller redesign version of Wii. It was reconstructed by Nintendo, in order to reduce the cost and increase market share. It was first released in Canada on December 7, 2012. The Wii Mini has its own version of the Wii's system software, and which consist of its own features.

Multiple features have been removed from Wii, in order to reduce the price. The removed features includes: Internet capabilities, Game Cube controller and memory card ports, and the ability to read Game Cube games were removed, and it is no longer possible to play in enhanced-definition (480p). The Wii Mini has its own version of the Wii's system software, with a modified setting menu. The system does not have backward compatibility. There is no SD card slot in the newer Wii Mini system. The hardware of the system consists of a red Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk controller. The Wii Remote Plus controller is the key supporter for the motion gaming experience on the console. It responds to motion and rotates in accordance to enhance the control as the players swing, swipe, thrust, or turn. Wii Remote Plus enables the console and its system to become more active and immersive. There is an additional feature, while playing the game, that is; if the game is to be played with more then two players, than they are supposed to gather the additional controllers. As the new derived Wii Mini console does not support to the Internet, the extra online games canot be exported and hence it exclusively supports only the Wii games.

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