Kosmos v14.0.1 Released - Firmware 9.0.0 Support Added!

Kosmos v14.0.1 Released - Firmware 9.0.0 Support Added!

Team AtlasNX have released a new version of their Kosmos all-in-one pre-configured CFW package which is based on the new Hekate v5.0.2 and Atmosphere v0.9.4 along with the latest version of PegaScape.

This universal solution will allow you to easily boot homebrew on all Nintendo Switch consoles, including iPatched consoles running the v4.1.0 firmware. Kosmos is easy to install, just copy the contents of the archive onto your Micro SD Card and launch it using your preferred entry point and you're good to go (oh, don't forget the optional, but often necessary signature patches!)

If you're new to CFW and are using a normal RCM capable Nintendo Switch and aren't planning on using an emuMMC NAND, we have a guide covering the basic setup that includes Kosmos. If you do want to take advantage of emuMMC you can use a new guide I've recently written to do just that.

What's New?


## v14.0.1

*  Fixed the very evil nosigchk causing people on 9.0 to experience issues when booting (truly evil patches)
*  Atmosphere's silent update: Fixed hid-mitm breaking Smash and other games.
*  Recompiled Kosmos Updater to work without hid-mitm

## v14

Firmware update 9.0 updated the gamecard reader firmware! If you want to use your gamecard reader but don't want to burn your fuses, you have to disable autonogc within the hekate GUI. THIS IS IRREVERSIBLE!

### Hekate

*  Full support for 9.0.0
*  Fixed SaltyNX for emuMMC 8.x.x
*  There was an issue with fs mitm patches where it caused hangs for SaltyNX.
*  AutoNOGC protection for fatal errors in emuMMC
*  NOGC will now be applied automatically when fuses are ]= 9.0.0 and emuMMC is less than that.
*  Streamline power cycles for Sandisk U1 SDR104
    *  No more hangs because of this.
*  Allow critical info to be shown when a fatal error occurs while AutoBooting HOS
*  Now, before booting Nyx right away, it will show the error message and wait for a button press.
*  Add exosphere/kernel no user exceptions handler cfg
*  And many other bugfixes

For more infos, see: [https://github.com/CTCaer/hekate/releases/tag/v5.0.2]

### Atmosphere

*  Support was added for 9.0.0
    *  9.0.0 made a number of changes that may cause some issues with homebrew. More details at the Atmosphere changelog!
*  A bug was fixed that could cause webapplet launching homebrew to improperly set the accessible url whitelist.
*  BIS key generation has been fixed for newer hardware

For more infos, see: [https://github.com/Atmosphere-NX/Atmosphere/releases/tag/0.9.4]

### General

*  Removed hid_mitm due to conflicts with 9.0 circumventions.
*  Updated Homebrew Menu
*  Updated Kosmos Updater
    *  Fixed the app not being able to auto update itself.
    *  Fixed an issue where if settings.cfg was migrated, but internal.db wasn't then bad things happened.
    *  Updated SimpleIniParser, and Swurl.
*  Updated Lockpick
    *  Fix bis key generation on newer hardware
*  Updated Kosmos Toolbox
    *  This includes pagination for the sysmodules configuration page. This allows you to have up to 18 configurable sysmodules at once, necessary for fully loaded SDSetup bundles

and most importantly:

*  General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.

Kosmos is an all-in-one CFW solution for your Nintendo Switch homebrew needs. Kosmos which is based on Atmosphere includes a pre-setup homebrew environment that you simply copy onto your micro sd card and launcher with a payload such as Hekate. Kosmos includes all the patches needed to run homebrew along with some special features such as a native homebrew toolbox and also includes hid-mitm (which allows for gamepad redirection) along with numerous other plugins and homebrew applications.



*   Atmosphere
*   Up-to-date packages
*   Support for every firmware
*   No issues with starting games after launching homebrew
*   Splash screens and instant launch
*   Background FTP-Server
*   Background netcheat system
*   Signature patches
*   NSP installation
*   Updating through a console homebrew app
*   Customizable button bindings for the Homebrew Loader
*   Completely modular
*   Drag and drop
*   Auto-boot and module selection through a console homebrew app and much more!


*   [Hekate](https://github.com/CTCaer/hekate)
*   [Atmosphère](https://github.com/Atmosphere-NX/Atmosphere)
*   [Switch Homebrew Loader](https://github.com/switchbrew/nx-hbloader)
*   [Switch Homebrew Menu](https://github.com/switchbrew/nx-hbmenu)
*   [Sys-FTPD](https://github.com/jakibaki/sys-ftpd)
*   [Sys-Netcheat](https://github.com/jakibaki/sys-netcheat)
*   [AppstoreNX](https://github.com/vgmoose/appstorenx)
*   [Lockpick](https://github.com/shchmue/Lockpick)
*   [EdiZon](https://github.com/thomasnet-mc/EdiZon)
*   [Goldleaf](https://github.com/XorTroll/Goldleaf)
*   [Kosmos Updater](https://github.com/StevenMattera/SDFilesUpdater)
*   [Kosmos Toolbox](https://github.com/AtlasNX/CFW-Settings)
*   [Sys-CLK](https://github.com/retronx-team/sys-clk)


See https://pegascape.sdsetup.com for general usage instructions

The PegaScape ZIP is an addon package for PegaScape users containing every PegaScape payload and Fake News Installer. If you are not using PegaScape, you do not need that ZIP.

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