an exploit or an entry point into botw

an exploit or an entry point into botw

the developer SciresM, who offered to the various scenes Nintendo almost 1100 contributions last year, on boot9strap, hactool, and especially at the origin of the superb Atmosphere, was strongly interested in the Switch Lite.

Now the situation has evolved in the right direction, he finally managed to get his hands on the one who was looking for, namely a Nintendo Switch Lite firmware 8.0.1, according to him if you seek one should focus on the series XJE10, but not the XJE70, and the European zone.

In short, that it would be very interesting to analyze the differences between the firmware 8.1.1 and firmware 8.0.1, for this he made a call on his Twitter profile to those who have the following:

- A hackable Nintendo Switch (so the first generation)
- A Switch Lite on firmware 8.1.1
- The BotW game

Of two things one, it means on the one hand that according to him, there is perhaps a possibility on the firmware 8.0.1, and he would use the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild like point of entry, or he would have an exploit. Recall that last month, he hinted at a poke or hax he was planning to unveil.

Some users have responded, but if you have the 3, do not hesitate to send him a private message or reply on his post.

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